Prashant Deshmukh

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Rotary -

Good Morning and Greetings from myself and Padmaja!!

It’s time now really to bow down to all the Rotarians of 3131and say a BIG THANK YOU!

Obviously, for giving us both an Opportunity to lead you all in the Rotary Year 2016-17!

A Big Thank You-
For choosing me and respecting all the hard work that I did for this District (and 3130 of course!)

Yes, I know, you want me to convert all your dreams in to happenings that shall fetch Glory to the District.
- So very Crafted by all the Past , Current (Governor Elect & Governor Nominee!) Governors.

Yes, I know, you want me to offer you Action Plans those will emerge out of innovative ideas and concepts-
to take the District to fly higher skies.

Yes, I know, God, and you all will be there in that voyage to sketch, play, and act-

Yes, I know, we all will burn the night oil doing all that
and wait for the Sun to Rise- and the Dreams of the Dawn would start unfolding -

Yes, I know, we still have time good enough to do that homework and be with the District Governors to
come in 2014-15 & 2015-16 - To enjoy their Brilliant ‘Hatke’ efforts in ‘Raising the Bar’ of RID 3131!

Yes, I know,You are the one, Padma and myself will be counting upon from the Dawn of Tomorrow- till
then with will all very Best Wishes –

At your Service…..

Your Own

Rtn. Prashant Deshmukh