Prashant Deshmukh


Where the waters are chilled & still
Frozen along the edges of the hedges
With the reflections of blues of the skies
Images of the clouds-moving & still
Snow White & Grey-
And the back drop of the hilly masses
Of trees & hay
The hues of greens & blues.
From dawn thru the day
From golden yellows to the twilight reds
To the silvery white of the moon & stars
Against the blues of the dark
Serenity peace & tranquil
Where the heavenly angels
Land to inspire humans
To create on earth
The heavenly music
That chants through the nature
Spaces & built forms
Blending with the divine
the chords of Architecture

Vibrate through the heart
Us fellow Architects
Let’s strive to create
that wonderful heaven on earth
Where built forms kiss the skies
& skylines blaze
Where spaces raise ?the highlands
Into flowing contours
Down the landscapes,
greens-trees & shrubs
Where bridges are like leaps
Against two heaps
Where flock of birds
Sway through with sweet little songs
Where humans can breathe
Quiet & Peace
It?s the earth fellow architects
Lets strive to create, Lets all create!

- Ar. Prashant Deshmukh